Your Chairside 3D Printer

DENTIQ is a highly precise chairside 3D printer designed to provide a premium ownership experience for every type of user. Equipped with auto-calibration and 100+ precalibrated materials, DENTIQ offers a simple learning curve for beginners, while providing the finer accuracy and consistency professionals desire. Remote diagnostics for machine repair, easy component replacement, built-in clean vat function, and warranty confidence makes owning DENTIQ effortless and rewarding.

3D Printing Technology LCD
Machine Size 25 x 23 x 38 cm
Weight 10.5 Kg
Printing Size 120 x 68 x 140 mm
X Y Resolution 47 μm
Slice Thickness 30-150 μm
Resin Wavelength 385-405 nm
Power Supply 110-240 V AC, 50-60 Hz


Same-Day Chairside Dentistry

100+ Prevalidated Materials

Minimal Learning Curve

47-micron Pixel Size for Precision & Accuracy

Premium Ownership Experience

2-Year Warranty

Unboxing Your 3D Printer

Take some time now to get-to-know your new best friend, DENTIQ, and the parts that come with it.

The A-Team at Your Service

The Caliber support team is committed to resolving any issues you may experience, whether as a beginning user in dental technology, or as a digital dentistry expert pushing your 3D printer to its limit. Add a support plan for personalized assistance.

Wide Range of 3D Printed Dental Applications

Save on time and money with the high resolution DENTIQ printer, which is able to create more than 15 dental applications, such as: Digital dentures, dental models, retainers, night guards, aligners, crowns & bridges, and other dental prostheses.