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Who We Are

At times, good things do rise from the most uncertain of times. During the rise of the pandemic, major distributors were cutting hours and manufacturing slammed to a halt. A lot of us at the lab side lost support with all our supplies and equipment. When supplies ran out and equipment failed, there was no one to turn to. In an age of DIY and self-teaching, we took on some difficult challenges ourselves. Due to the nature of the dental lab community, the word spread around that our team had figured out how to fix things ourselves. It wasn’t long until the phones started ringing and we answered the calls.

It all started in one of the best labs in America, Van Hook Dental Studio in Tempe, Arizona. Don and Kim Van Hook always gave me the top education and training that our dental community could provide. For almost a decade, Van Hook sent me all over the nation to enhance my education. I also had very talented people in my corner, such as Gold Dust Dental CEO, Jenn Janicki. She offered support and allowed me to train side by side with Ivan Woods, who was a great mentor. I soon teamed up with Jantzen Fenn (President) and Nolan Leatherwood (Lead Technician) to begin supporting our local dental community, as if it had become our calling. We hit the next level when we teamed up with Jason Fraizer and Adolfo Robles to give us all the backing and support needed to fix almost any dental mill on the market today. By this time, Caliber Dental Technologies, LLC had been established. Currently, we are base in Tempe, Arizona and we now provided support nationwide. Whether labs need us to fix equipment remotely or on-site they can count on us to be there. We look forward to being a part of rebuilding our industry after what hit us last year. With our network and community, anything is possible!

Caliber Dental Technologies CEO- Daniel Trujillo