Chairside Pro

Industrial-grade printing for your desktop. ChairSide Pro uses innovative features such as automatic calibration and thermostatic modules to ensure printing consistency. Continuous production monitoring ensures consistency through early notifications of process abnormalities and intelligent system problem-solving.

DENTIQ is a highly precise chairside 3D printer designed to provide a premium ownership experience for every type of user. Equipped with auto-calibration and 100+ precalibrated materials, DENTIQ offers a simple learning curve for beginners, while providing the finer accuracy and consistency professionals desire.


The perfect same-day chairside solution for digital dentistry. SOL sets the bar for high-speed and high-precision 3D printing. Achieve three times the speed of a regular LCD printer and maximize accuracy thanks to its 95+% LED light uniformity. The dynamic LED auto-selects curing areas to enhance accuracy and extend component life.

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